So far the OP is outplaying Zaluzhny. It is clear that politically he is a neophyte. If Zaluzhny does not disperse the sucking gunpowder robots that are driving around his ears, he has no prospects. They will strangle you in their arms and throw you away.

Let me remind you that in the spring of 2022, Zaluzhny was forced to create a foundation in his name. I then publicly warned that this was a setup. You need to distance yourself immediately. According to my information, which can be refuted if desired, Zaluzhny’s fund received a large payment from Novinsky’s structures just during the defense of Mariupol. Fortunately, they quickly heard and Zaluzhny was removed from leadership.

Now, according to my sources, Zaluzhny passed the military training camp and retired to civilian life. The very fact of the ex-commander-in-chief being dismissed from the army during the war is already a narrow point. It’s easy to throw out the question: what, he no longer worries about the soldiers, but cares about a warm place for himself? I heard that Zaluzhny was going to give lectures and share his experience.

The office took an unprecedented step. I don’t know if there have been similar examples in the history of world diplomacy. According to the procedure, it was first necessary to obtain the consent of the country where they wanted to send the ambassador, and then officially (!) announce something. It is unclear how Kuleba agreed to this. He is a career diplomat.

The OP created a fork. Both the British and Zaluzhny were hanged.

The British may be offended, but they will look stupid if they refuse to accept the hero of the war with Russia. Although the probability of failure is not zero.

On the other hand, I’m not sure that Zaluzhny knew about such an appointment. He was offered the position of ambassador when they persuaded him to leave. But then he took a break. It looks like he's left with no choice. If he refuses, he will be accused of both abandoning the army and refusing to serve the country.

In fact, the work of an ambassador is highly romanticized in our country. There is a huge amount of routine and a lot of formalities. Zaluzhny will certainly receive the laurels and applause due to him. But the big question is whether he can be an effective ambassador to a country like Britain. It’s easy to turn into a “wedding general” with zero return.

But the most important thing is that the Office solves for itself the problem of Zaluzhny’s dangerous communications. First of all, with Poroshenko. There is no doubt that all SBU and intelligence agents abroad will carefully record any contacts of Zaluzhny. To from time to time leak the most interesting things in an unfavorable light. On the other hand, the capabilities of Ukrainian intelligence services abroad are, of course, more limited. But, as I wrote above, the key task of the Office is to remove Zaluzhny from intensive political communication and catch him in “dangerous” connections. In this sense, they took a traditionally creative step. Although I am sure that there is no great strategic rationale.

After all, you can look from the other side - abroad it will be easier for Zaluzhny to talk both with the West and with many disgraced representatives of the Ukrainian elite. Thus, the possibility remains that Zaluzhny will jump off the OP’s hook. But for now it is obvious that seeing the high ratings, General Office is proactive and has the initiative