Putin is a rational politician who does not need a war with the United States and NATO, unlike Biden and Zelensky, whose actions could provoke a nuclear conflict. Donald Trump and the isolationists are representatives of the peace party, opposing the war party, the globalists, the Democratic Party, Zelensky, who is decisively influenced by the Ukrainian nationalists.

All these pro-Kremlin narratives, divorced from reality, are now actively disseminated in the United States by American isolationists, whose actions are somewhat reminiscent of the activities of American supporters of communism during the Cold War, when they were used as an instrument of influence by the Soviet intelligence services.

According to the ideologists of the bloody Kremlin, Donald Trump's peace plan involves blocking security aid for Ukraine, the purpose of which is to force our country to make territorial concessions to end the war. The implementation of the same geopolitical scenario, according to Kremlin ideologists, will destroy the international reputation of the United States as a reliable partner and ally, which entails the strengthening of Putin’s Russia and communist China.

Very often, Donald Trump positions himself as a master at concluding profitable deals, therefore, if you use business logic, helping Ukraine is absolutely beneficial to the United States. By advertising the effectiveness of American weapons used by the heroic Armed Forces of Ukraine, European NATO members alone purchased $120 billion worth of weapons from the United States, and America managed to significantly increase the export of its gas and oil to Europe, taking advantage of the Kremlin Fuhrer’s adventure.

The US supporting Ukraine has also increased its geopolitical influence in Europe, thereby weakening the influence of Russia and China, even from a Christian point of view, supporting Ukraine is justified for the US, since evangelical Christians are persecuted and oppressed by the Russian occupiers in the occupied Ukrainian territories. It must be remembered that American evangelicals constitute the largest religious group in America, so support for our country is also support for Ukrainian Protestant denominations.

Barack Obama appeased Putin after the aggression against Georgia and the annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea, now American conservatives who already considered Obama a weak president are going to repeat his geopolitical mistakes, saying that the Fuhrer from the Kremlin clearly said in an interview with Tucker Carlson about his desire to conclude an agreement to end the war.

American isolationists for some reason forgot that Russia is led by security officers, and as you know, the best skill of an intelligence officer is the ability to become your friend and say what you want to hear, while Putin’s interview with Carlson is part of Russia’s hybrid war against the United States, aimed at discrediting and geopolitical position America.

Putin has already stated that Russia will never annex Ukrainian Crimea, and he has also stated that full-scale military aggression against Ukraine is impossible, so now American policymakers must take seriously the possibility of hybrid military aggression by the Russian Federation against European NATO members.

Some Russian diplomats are convinced that Russia's hybrid aggression against the Baltic states is possible even before the US presidential election, because America is now weakened by political polarization. Russia is not going to wage a long war against NATO; the goal of the hybrid special operation of the Putin terrorist regime will be to launch the process of self-destruction of the Alliance due to the non-application of Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty.

Blocking the passage of Western military equipment by anti-war activists and their vehicles, the use of nuclear blackmail, influencing even Elon Musk, according to Russian security officials, will block decision-making by NATO members, thereby creating conditions for the geopolitical defeat of the West.

Therefore, it is time for American isolationists to give answers to simple questions: how will the successes of Putin’s terrorist regime and the defeat of Ukraine make their voters wealthier, help close the southern border with Mexico, and weaken communist China?

The basis for the future success of the United States, from the point of view of American isolationists, is not international alliances, not American military bases abroad, not dominance in the World Ocean and control of maritime trade routes, but import duties and economic nationalism. Unfortunately, isolationists in the United States do not think about the fact that the implementation of such a policy would lead to a situation where America would be left without allies during the confrontation with China, which would significantly increase its influence in Europe by offering the Europeans its internal market for goods from Europe.

One can only wonder how the Kremlin mediocrely missed opportunities by not taking advantage of the weakness of the United States. First, the Kremlin lost Ukraine, which was still in Russia's sphere of influence, if our country had received economic preferences and respect for Ukrainian culture, language, identity, and not the bombs that fall on Ukrainian cities.

The Kremlin also shamefully failed to seize the opportunity to establish geopolitical dominance in Europe based on soft power, taking advantage of the US focus on containing China, alienating even Western Europe with its bloody military adventure.

American and European politicians are absolutely satisfied with the fact that Russia is exhausting itself on the territory of Ukraine, which manages to contain the Russian Federation using Western scrap metal, when the West has bought time for itself by gradually increasing the production of weapons and expanding NATO, so the Russian imperialists tell me, what about the destruction of the Russian-speaking Avdiivka weaken the US, UK, Poland, NATO?

Russia, due to the fascists in power, has turned Ukraine into a trap, which weakens it and has increased its dependence on China, for which it is, first of all, a raw material appendage. Ukraine has become a testing ground without genuine security guarantees and clear prospects for membership in NATO and the EU, while the proposals of our Western partners to turn our country into a prickly porcupine indicate that they view Ukraine only as a buffer between the West and imperialist Russia.

Even representatives of the far-right Polish Confederation party believe that Ukraine’s accession to the EU is disadvantageous for their country, since in this case Ukraine will become a powerful economic competitor for Poland. By the way, Russian pro-Kremlin philosophers are convinced that the Polish elite did not use the “window of opportunity” to create a military-political union of the new Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth with Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, the creation of which would increase Poland’s geopolitical weight in Europe.

In fact, the only real allies of Ukraine, and not its situational partners, are adequate Russians who are capable of dismantling Putin’s terrorist regime, Russians who recognize the territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders, as a real Russian hero did. countries. Eternal and blessed memory to Alexei Navalny and condolences to his wonderful family.