Russia and China have the right to their Monroe Doctrine [sphere of influence], Ukraine is not important for US national interests, just like Taiwan after America achieves technological independence from it, even in the event of military aggression by the Russian Federation against the Baltic countries and Poland, the US military should not to fight for the interests of these countries, the basis of US dominance should be economic nationalism.

All these views are now very much widespread among American isolationists Vivek Ramaswamy, Matt Goetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Steve Bannon and Doug Bendow, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, whose experts are actively spreading pro-Kremlin narratives in the American information space.

Doug Bendow, whose statements are actively used by Russian propagandists to discredit the United States, believes that Ukraine, which did not intend to comply with the Minsk agreements, and America with NATO after the war in Yugoslavia, provoked Russia into aggression against Ukraine.

In fact, it was Russia, by not observing the regime of silence on the demarcation line, by not withdrawing illegal armed groups from the territory of Ukraine, by not transferring to Ukraine control of Debaltsevo and Dokuchaevsk - cities that, according to the Minsk agreements, should have been under Ukrainian jurisdiction - that disrupted the implementation of the Minsk agreements .

The NATO war against Yugoslavia, and in fact against the fascist regime of Slobodan Milosevic, stopped the terror of Serbian chauvinists against the civilian population of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

Likewise, the argument that it was the expansion of NATO that provoked Russia into aggression against Ukraine is completely divorced from geopolitical realities, since Western politicians have repeatedly told Putin about the impossibility of our country joining the Alliance in the next 30 years, just like the tried Dmitry Kozak, who, according to according to Russian diplomats, he tried to convince the Kremlin Fuhrer not to start aggression against a buffer country deprived of the possibility of NATO membership.

From the point of view of representatives of the Russian government, Ukraine is part of historical Russia, and our territory is historical Russian land, therefore the existence of Ukraine as a neutral country when Russian fascists deny the right to its existence is impossible.

It should be understood that the ultimate goal of imperialist Russia’s aggression against democratic Ukraine is the annexation of all Eastern and Southern regions of our country, bringing the pro-Kremlin regime to power in Kyiv and turning the Central and Western Ukrainian regions into a buffer for Russia.

In fact, only dismantling Putin's terrorist regime, restoring Ukraine's territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, receiving compensation for war losses, and signing a fair peace treaty would allow Ukraine to agree to a neutral status.

One cannot ignore the views of American far-right ideologist Steve Bannon, who is convinced that isolationists should create a right-wing international with the European far-right Viktor Orban, Marine Le Pen and representatives of the Alternative for Germany party, aimed at destroying the international liberal order.

From the point of view of the Kremlin’s ideologists, the implementation of this scenario would lead to a blow to the American dollar as the main reserve currency of the world, the destruction of the international financial system, the existence of which is beneficial to the United States and the economic weakening of America, therefore American isolationists should mention the decline of imperial China after its choice of isolationism .

American progressives believe that the main foreign policy priority of the United States should be the fight against global warming together with Russia and China.

Unfortunately, progressives do not realize that the fight against climate warming is not the main priority for Putin’s Russia and imperialist China; the priority of the Russian government is the revival of the Russian Empire and the geopolitical displacement of the United States from Europe.

Therefore, the American elite was faced with a simple choice, either the centrists in the Republican and Democratic parties would reduce the level of influence of the ultra-right and ultra-left, or the political radicals, through their actions, would destroy the status of the United States as a “City on a Hill” superpower.

According to influential American expert Samuel Sharap, the war between Russia and Ukraine should end in a draw; after its completion, the United States and the Russian Federation will have the opportunity to agree on controlled competition and a new security architecture in Europe.

It is very noteworthy that American supporters of realpolitik still have not understood what Putinism is, since the current representatives of the Russian authorities are seeking to destroy the European security architecture through hybrid aggression against European NATO members, which will be accompanied by the activation of Russian sabotage groups in Europe.

Samuel Sharap, Jake Sullivan and William Burns should not forget that they were members of the foreign policy team of Barack Obama, who tried to negotiate with the Fuhrer from the Kremlin on controlled competition, which resulted in the confidence of representatives of the Putin terrorist regime in the weakness of the United States, not for nothing that the former Kremlin ideologist Vladislav Surkov loved to boast about how the Kremlin had fooled Obama and his foreign policy team.

In fact, it was Ukraine’s successes on the battlefield that played against it, when Putin’s Russia is now stuck in Ukraine, after which there was a dangerous underestimation of the Russian Federation on the part of our Western partners, who absolutely do not care how much Russian-speaking cities in the Eastern and Southern regions of our country will be destroyed by Russian chauvinists , at a time when, due to Putin’s adventure, NATO expanded near the Russian-Finnish border.

In addition, many American politicians are absolutely satisfied with the existence of Putin’s criminal regime, which makes Russia uncompetitive in relation to the United States, and this should be understood by adequate representatives of the Russian elite capable of dismantling Putinism.

The speaker of the lower house of the American Congress, Republican Mike Johnson, often likes to say that all the answers can be found in the Bible, so when the Anglican churches were closed by the Russians in the Ukrainian territories they occupied, when Putin’s fascist regime supported Islamic terrorists who deny the right to exist of Israel, vote for assistance for Ukraine, the largest Christian country in the post-Soviet space, will now become the main criterion of devotion to Christianity.

Therefore, Republicans who position themselves as Christian nationalists need to remember what is written in the Bible: “By their fruits you will know them.”