The Biden administration's decision not to provide F-16s and Atacms to the Ukrainian counter-offensive clearly demonstrates the persistence of American tactics against terrorist Russia since 2014.

Even after the illegal annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea, the Americans decided to gradually deplete bloody Russia, aimed at obtaining concessions from the Russian elite, primarily beneficial to the United States. Now the American elite is perfectly content that it is Ukraine, which is not a member of NATO, that is taking the brunt of Nazi Russia, exhausting it during an American-controlled military conflict, which, moreover, does not now threaten US allies.

The information published by American journalists about the pre-war agreements reached before the full-scale aggression of fascist Russia can serve as evidence of the controllability of the conflict by the United States. According to these agreements, the Americans pledged not to fight on the territory of our country with the northern evil empire and not to take actions aimed at eliminating the Putin criminal regime. The Russians also promised not to spread the military conflict on the territory of the European allies of the United States.

It is very noteworthy that until now this resonant information of American journalists, namely the agreement between Russia and the United States to turn Ukraine into a training ground, has not been refuted by representatives of the Biden administration, which only proves its veracity.

Particularly surprising is the point of view of some American politicians and experts who believe that even the complete seizure of Ukraine by Russian Nazis does not threaten US national interests. According to the Kremlin ideologists, after the conquest of our country, the Russian leadership planned to carry out the occupation of Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Northern Kazakhstan, and a few years later the Kremlin planned to carry out a hybrid aggression against the Baltic countries.

Consequently, the conquest of Ukraine would revive the Russian Empire, show the weakness of the United States and the strength of imperialist Russia for "old Europe", bringing it closer to the northern empire of evil, which resulted in the emergence of a Moscow-Berlin-Paris geopolitical axis aimed at geopolitically ousting America from Europe.

Americans who underestimate Russia should remember that no European NATO member is capable of confronting Russia one-on-one, and the Russian-Ukrainian war has shown the Alliance's unpreparedness for a long-term war of attrition. Putin, according to Vladislav Surkov, now regrets very much that he made a mistake by not launching a hybrid military aggression against the Baltic countries.

The point of view of the well-known American expert Samuel Sharap, who proposes to freeze the conflict on the territory of Ukraine, deserves special attention. We must not forget that Samuel Sharap, even before the full-scale aggression of Russia, considered Putin a rational politician, not interested in the occupation of all of Ukraine. Samuel Sharap was also a supporter of granting Ukraine a special status for the Donbass, which, according to the plan of the Kremlin Fuhrer, was to begin the process of Bosnization of our country, making it incapacitated.

Freezing the conflict in Ukraine would send a signal to China and Iran that the West is not ready for a long war of attrition. The Chinese elite also saw that military aggression was rewarded by the occupation of large territories. For some reason, the Americans do not take into account that freezing the war in Ukraine would increase the number of supporters of the “peaceful reunification” of Taiwan with China among Taiwanese politicians, who would not want to turn their country into a “testing ground”, the territory of which became the subject of bargaining between the Celestial Empire and the United States.

To end the war, the Americans must send a signal to the Russian elites that peace talks, normalization of relations, access to Western markets and technologies are possible only after a new president comes to power in the Russian Federation. By taking this step, the American authorities would destroy the power balance of Putin's mafia system and make the Fuhrer from the Kremlin toxic to the Russian elite.

Putin, as long as he is in power, will never stop the aggression against Ukraine. It will also not be completed immediately if security officers from Patrushev's group of influence come to power, seeking to impose an unfavorable peace agreement on Ukraine by intensifying hostilities. Only a group of influence formed from technocrats and adequate security officials, striving for the normalization of relations with the West, can stop the war.

Representatives of this influence group are well aware of the need for Russia to have access to Western markets and technologies, and they are also ready to pay compensation to Ukraine for its destroyed infrastructure, including through Russian oil and gas. The main challenge for Ukraine is that this group of influence seeks to keep illegally annexed Ukrainian Crimea and parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions occupied by Russian Nazis in 2014 under Russian control.

In fact, this pressure group wants to rebrand "Putinism" to advance Russia's national interests through soft power. From the point of view of adequate representatives of the Russian elite, until the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025 there will be a window of opportunity for the dismantling of the Putin mafia regime for them, Ukraine and the West, which will close indefinitely if the parties concerned do not take advantage of it.

Ukraine is not Afghanistan, Ukrainians may not endure a genocidal war of attrition, which also economically exhausts and destabilizes the US European allies. The Americans have a choice, either they will dare to destroy Putin's terrorist regime, or Putinism will destroy the European security architecture. Joseph Biden now, before it's too late, should remember the expression of the bloody Chinese dictator Mao Zedong: "When there is no tiger in the jungle, the monkey becomes the king."