Statements by Western politicians and experts that the West does not seek to overthrow the Putin terrorist regime clearly indicate the lack of a well-thought-out strategy among our partners for the victory of Ukraine over the northern empire of evil.

Without the removal of Putin from power and the destruction of his mafia regime, the end of the war and the conclusion of a peace treaty between bloody Russia and Ukraine is impossible.

Putin does not seek compromises with the West and our country, he only needs the surrender of Ukraine, which provides for the recognition of the occupied territories by Russians, the agreement to a neutral status that will leave Ukrainians in the gray zone and the demilitarization of Ukraine (the cessation of Western military assistance), which will disarm its offensive to the north. evil empire.

Very often leftist American intellectuals make a big mistake when they compare the war in Ukraine with the wars waged by America in Afghanistan, Iraq and Serbia.

Why do left-wing intellectuals in the United States forget that the American authorities have never sought to destroy the identity of the Afghans, Serbs and Iraqis, unlike the Russian Nazis, who publicly declare the need to destroy the Ukrainian nation, which is now being genocide by the Putin regime.

Just as surprising are the messages of experts from the Global South who accuse the West of double standards, since Sudan, as an African country, receives less assistance from Western countries compared to Ukraine.

For some reason, these experts forget that a civil war is taking place on the territory of Sudan, which does not threaten the complete destruction of independence and statehood for this country, while Nazi Russia actually seeks to turn Ukraine into its colony in order to finally resolve the Ukrainian issue.

Nevertheless, the food problems of the countries of the Global South due to the war between Russia and Ukraine will continue as long as the Putin terrorist regime exists, therefore, trade relations of the Russian Federation with Asian, African, Middle Eastern countries will only help the Fuhrer from the Kremlin to further carry out the genocide of Ukrainians.

Particularly surprising is the position of many South African politicians who now support Russian racists who deny the right to exist for Ukraine and Ukrainians. Therefore, South African politicians must ask themselves the question, how can a country that survived the apartheid that Nelson Mandela fought against now support a racist Russia?

Fans of "real politics" in the United States deserve special attention, who believe that the "Korean scenario" is suitable for Ukraine, forgetting that the US military gave their lives for the independence of South Korea. It must not be forgotten that without the presence of the American military, South Korea would have been conquered by communist North Korea long ago.

There are now 11 American military bases in South Korea, which are the main fuse against the invasion of communist North Korea. Therefore, without the presence of the US military on the territory of our country and the creation of US military bases, the "Korean scenario" for Ukraine is unrealistic.

Also, Ukraine does not fit the scenario of turning our country into Eastern European Israel. According to Israeli military experts, their country would never have survived the long-term war of attrition that is now going on between bloody Russia and Ukraine.

In addition, not a single geopolitical enemy of Israel has the resources to wage a full-scale war against it for several years, in addition, Israel owns nuclear weapons, which the countries claiming its territory have not yet created. Only Ukraine's accession to NATO would finally convince the Russian elite that our country has become a member of the civilized world.

Unfortunately, the West does not fully understand that it is Ukraine's membership in NATO that would launch the process of de-imperialization of Russia, when the Russian elite, realizing that it will not be able to revive the Russian Empire by conquering Ukraine, will concentrate on solving internal problems.

The idea of ​​many Western politicians regarding a neutral status for Ukraine can only be realized if our country possesses nuclear weapons. If our Western partners state that the Budapest Memorandum was a declaration of intent, then perhaps Ukraine's renunciation of nuclear weapons is also purely declarative.

It is noteworthy that American fans of "real politics" who propose to freeze the conflict on the territory of Ukraine do not want to think about the consequences of this decision for the United States.

Firstly, Putin does not want to end the war, according to the Russian military, the Kremlin Fuhrer set the task for the generals of the Russian Federation to conquer the entire territory of the Donetsk region before the presidential elections in Russia.

Secondly, freezing the conflict in Ukraine will lead to the preservation of Putin's terrorist regime, whose dependence on China will increase more and more. No wonder the famous Russian Nazi Sergei Karaganov, who advises Nikolai Patrushev on foreign policy, wrote that Russia would definitely support the Celestial Empire during the conflict between China and the United States.

The proposals of some American intellectuals regarding threats to stop military aid to Ukraine if the Ukrainian authorities refuse to freeze the conflict will hit the United States like a boomerang if they are implemented.

In addition to a reputational blow to the United States, such a decision by the American authorities would lead to the transformation of Ukraine into an anti-Western country. In addition, the Ukrainians have shown that they are brilliant warriors, so realpolitik supporters should think about the consequences of leaving Ukraine face to face with Russia, which can significantly increase due to the forced mobilization of Ukrainians.

The economic and geopolitical benefits of supporting Ukraine far outweigh the cost of military assistance to our country for the United States, and we should also not forget that neighboring countries that gave us Soviet weapons received more modern Western weapons instead. Therefore, assistance for Ukraine is not a geopolitical charity of the West, it is, first of all, for Western countries an investment in their own security.

Now about 90% of the Russian elite are committed to ending the war on the basis of new agreements with the West on a European security architecture aimed at securing new borders in Europe. In fact, representatives of the Russian elite, opposed to Putin and Patrushev, seek to legitimize the illegal annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea and the occupation of certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, committed by bloody Russia in 2014.

Already now, these representatives of the Russian elite should understand that Ukraine will never sign this peace agreement, creating a precedent for the voluntary renunciation of its own territories, which in the future can be used by Russian revenge-seekers to annex new territories of Ukraine.

The danger of this "peace plan" should also be understood by Western elites now, since China will be given a signal that the annexation of Taiwan can be legitimized through agreements on a new security architecture in Asia. In the end, the victory of Ukraine, which will lead to the "recovery" of Russia from Nazism, directly depends on the decisions of the representatives of the American authorities, so Joseph Biden must decide what Ukraine is for the United States?

A "polygon" for containment and weakening of the Russian Federation or an important partner capable in the future, becoming an ally, to ensure the stability of the European security architecture. Therefore, now the statement of American General Ben Hodges has become very relevant: "Ukraine does not need spectators, it needs ATACMS."