The latest conference of national conservatism in Miami showed dangerous trends for Ukraine within the Republican Party, in which the influence of isolationist supporters is growing. It is noteworthy that not a single panel at this conference was about our country, because from the perspective of many American rightists, the top priority of US foreign policy should be containment of China, not spending billions of dollars on Ukraine, while the authorities in America have refused to protect American borders.

Isolationists in the US believe that America has provided more help than any other country, despite limited US national interests in Ukraine. Therefore, from their point of view, rich European countries are most pleased that it is American taxpayers who bear the main financial burden of this war, when the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is, above all, a challenge to European security. Consequently, isolationists are convinced that Americans will increasingly disapprove of sending their after-tax dollars to Ukraine, while wealthy European countries are unwilling to fulfill their responsibility to secure their own backyard in Europe.

For some reason, American isolationists do not think about how the defeat of Ukraine from weak bloody Russia could be perceived in Asia. In the event that the United States could not contain Russia in Ukraine, the Asian elites, seeing the weakness of America, would reorient their countries geopolitically to China, where the authorities are well aware that the Russian Federation is a battering ram aimed at destroying the liberal international system.

It is not for nothing that Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that if the status quo is allowed to change with the use of military force against Ukraine, this could negatively affect Asia. The American right, finally, needs to understand that the strengthening of US geopolitical influence in the Indo-Pacific region directly depends on the ability of Ukraine to defend its independence with American military assistance.

In terms of bailouts and taxpayer damage, the US is not really doing geopolitical charity in Ukraine because military aid to the heroic Ukrainian Armed Forces is saving the lives of tens of thousands of US service members. Joseph Biden constantly emphasizes that every inch of NATO territory will be protected by the United States, so if America left Ukraine face to face with Nazi Russia, ceasing to provide military assistance to our country, the result would be a possible defeat of democratic Ukraine and the exit of Russian terrorist troops to the borders of the Alliance and further aggression against Washington's allies, whom the US would be forced to protect. Isolationists in the United States should consider how much more will be the losses for American taxpayers in the event of this scenario?

The Kremlin has always sought to destroy the transatlantic alliance between the US and the EU, so when the American right says that European countries are unwilling to increase the financial burden to support Ukraine, they should be aware of the activities of Russian agents of influence in Europe who are spreading the Kremlin narrative that price increases on energy resources due to the war in Ukraine allows the US to weaken its European economic competitors. Putin does not need a strong EU, just like a strong US, so the conflict between the allies will only play in favor of the Putin terrorist regime.

The position of Elon Musk, which shocked many Ukrainians, is not at all an unfortunate accident. For several months now, American isolationists have been discussing a possible peace plan that would provide for Ukraine's renunciation of Crimea, a neutral status for our country, and the holding of repeated referendums in the occupied Ukrainian territories under UN supervision.

Among the American right, the Kremlin narrative about the illegal revolt against Yanukovych and the subsequent uprising by ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine is actively circulating. Firstly, Yanukovych, who committed high treason while working in the interests of the Kremlin, was no longer a legitimate president. Secondly, his flight was the result of a special operation by the Kremlin to destabilize the split and provoke an artificial civil conflict in Ukraine. Thirdly, what kind of illegal rebellion can we talk about if, after the Revolution of Dignity, a new government was appointed by a vote of the majority of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, and then democratic and competitive presidential and parliamentary elections were held twice, recognized as legal, including by the Russian Federation.

Particularly surprising is the point of view of some American isolationists that the majority of residents of eastern Ukraine are ethnic Russians who rebelled in 2014 against the new anti-Russian government. All the sociological surveys that were conducted in Eastern Ukraine showed that the majority of residents of the eastern regions of our country considered themselves not Russians, but Ukrainians. Even the well-known Russian terrorist Zakhar Prilepin said that the residents of Donetsk were "Khokhly" (Ukrainians), not Russians.

Without the intervention of the Russians, armed resistance against Ukraine on the territory of Donbass would have been impossible, as former FSB colonel Igor Girkin has repeatedly admitted. Unfortunately, many Western experts, journalists, and politicians have been misled by the Kremlin's narrative about the fight between the separatists in Donbas and the Ukrainian authorities. The presence of the Russian military and security forces in certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions occupied by Russia since 2014, and the forced mobilization of the male local population, carried out on orders from Moscow, has nothing to do with separatism.

People who are led by Russian officers, fighting for the Russian occupiers and annexing the occupied territories to Russia, cannot be considered separatists, because, where de facto and where de jure, they are collaborators. The Kremlin needed the narrative about separatism, first of all, to relieve itself of responsibility for the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia and to impose on Western useful idiots the opinion about the civil conflict in Ukraine.

Initiatives to hold referendums in Russian-occupied territories under UN supervision are a sign of the influence of Russian propaganda on many Western politicians, experts and journalists who believe that there are pro-Russian regions in our country. In the context of massive military and sexual crimes, even against minor Ukrainians committed by Russian occupiers, after the flight of the pro-Ukrainian population, when residents of the occupied territories are deprived of any rights, and for their pro-Ukrainian position they can be illegally imprisoned, tortured, killed, holding repeated referendums on territories not controlled by Ukraine is a real utopia.

Ukraine's renunciation of Crimea and its consent to holding repeat referendums in the territories occupied by Russia would create a dangerous precedent for the entire global security architecture. All potential aggressors would understand that the threat of using nuclear weapons allows the annexation of the territories of other countries, and illegal occupation can be legitimized through referendums.

The implementation of territorial concessions by Ukraine under pressure from the West to prevent a nuclear war would only convince Putin and the KGB corporation of the effectiveness of nuclear blackmail. Western politicians should ask themselves the question, and then prevent Russia from threatening the West with a nuclear strike after the aggression against the Baltic countries or Poland, seeking from Western politicians the withdrawal of the Alliance troops to the positions of 1997, when the countries of Central and Eastern Europe had not yet joined NATO. And after setting this dangerous precedent, would China be willing to annex Taiwan using nuclear blackmail?

Proposals regarding a neutral status for Ukraine are mainly voiced by Americans who consider themselves supporters of "real politics", from their point of view, Ukraine is in the zone of Russia's vital interests, therefore, in order to prevent a direct conflict between the northern evil empire and the United States, American politicians should take into account to balance the interests of the safe concern of the Kremlin.

The fallacy of this point of view lies in the fact that Ukraine already had a non-bloc status, which did not protect it from Russian military aggression. For the Russian elite, Ukraine is part of historical Russia; in fact, the Kremlin does not recognize the right to independence for our country. Western analysts should study the ideology of the Serbian fascists "Great Serbia" in more detail in order to better understand the ideology of the "Russian world".

Serbian fascists believed that there is no separate Croatian language, because it is a dialect of the Serbian language, and Croatia itself is an artificial project created by the West to destroy Serbia. To justify the military aggression of Serbia against Croatia, Serbian propagandists constantly stated that the Nazis came to power in Croatia, planning to arrange genocide against the Serbs. The war against the Croats, Bosnian Muslims and Kosovars was, from the point of view of the ideologists of "Greater Serbia", a holy war.

Even after all the terrible war crimes they committed during the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Kosovo, the Serbian fascists considered themselves innocent victims of a Western conspiracy. The Serbs, like the Russians, had a delusion of their own grandeur and God's chosenness, backed up by a belief in their own invincibility, it was not for nothing that Slobodan Milosevic said: "Maybe we don't know how to work, but we know how to fight."

Western politicians and experts need to carefully read the text of the Russian chauvinist Alexander Solzhenitsyn "How do we equip Russia", which is somewhat similar to the memorandum of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, which described the need to transform Yugoslavia from a federal into a Serbian nation-state. Solzhenitsyn is also convinced that instead of the federal Soviet Union, a Russian national state should appear on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Ukraine is not Austria, which is surrounded on all sides by peaceful neighbors that are members of NATO and the EU. Nazi Russia denies the right to exist of our country, so the neutral status is not able to stop the northern evil empire from seeking to destroy our homeland. Joining NATO of our country is beneficial not only to Ukraine, but also to the West, so when Olaf Scholz says that Germany cannot transfer its tanks to Ukraine because it does not seek to provoke a direct conflict between Russia and NATO, he makes a big mistake.

Now bloody Russia is completely mired in Ukraine and is not capable of committing aggression against NATO. Only freezing the conflict on the territory of Ukraine and gaining time for the Kremlin would allow Russia to restore its combat potential for a military strike against a country that is a member of NATO. The Kremlin seeks to turn all of Central Europe into its buffer, so if Olaf Scholz does not want Germany to become a frontier between West and East again, and German soldiers do not die in Narva or Krakow, he must decide to provide Ukraine with all the military assistance it needs.

Elon Musk's peace initiatives are not just the hype of a well-known businessman. Most likely, his statement was agreed with the leaders of the Republican Party and was intended to reverse the reaction of society. Representatives of the Ukrainian authorities need to cooperate more actively with the leaders of the Republican Party, inviting them to Ukraine so that they can see with their own eyes the atrocities of the Russian Nazis in Ukraine.

American conservatives like to say that they are Christians, so their support for Ukraine would be in line with the conservative ideology of the Republican Party. Russians often claim that they are defenders of Christian values, but how can murderers who shoot, torture, sexually abuse women and children be bearers of these values? A people without empathy and morality, supporting its power in its desire to destroy the Ukrainian nation, has nothing to do with Christian values.

If the American value is freedom, then GOP conservatives should support Ukraine, which is fighting against Russian tyranny. In fact, Ukrainians give their lives for the values ​​that can be read in the text of the US anthem, namely, unsubdued Americans who counteract a gang of murderers, fighting with an army of hired slaves: "The land of the free and the home of the brave".