All Ukrainians now want Europe to rush in unison to help Ukraine and begin to severely punish Russia along with the United States. Many do not understand one thing that is very important for us to realize in order to achieve victory under Putin's monstrous regime. Human consciousness is inert, it avoids abstract things at the level of everyday life.

I started shouting that the war between Ukraine and Russia is inevitable since 2006, when I wrote the article " What should we do with Russia. The concept of two axes ". It said that regardless of all the words about the Slavic brotherhood and other crap, this struggle will be existential by its nature after the 2004 Orange Revolution. Then, over the years, I developed these theses, but the elite and society did not accept these it, because getting out of the cocoon of a comfortable life, starting to spend money and time preparing for war seems like a costly idea and absolutely meaningless. The editor-in-chief of Glavred, Viktor Shlinchak, laughed in 2007 when I said that a bunker had been made under our house. The wife of Alexander Tretyakov laughed while listening to my arguments why there would be a war and how to prepare for it.

And suddenly the war comes, and now 22-year-old Ivanka is sitting in Bucha in the basement on Yablonskaya 203B near her bleeding 10-year-old sister with frightened civilians and whispering into the phone to my wife: "Tanya, they are breaking at our doors, they will kill us now!" And you understand that with all your connections you can’t do anything. Neither the Office of the President, nor the General Staff, nor the Cabinet of Ministers can help, because here and now the moment has come when the life of your friends hangs in the balance because of the crazy barbarians who just shot their father without any sense.

This shock of the war brought the Ukrainians to the realization of the threat that Russia is waging a war to destroy Ukraine. Not because we did something wrong, but because there is no place for Ukraine and Ukrainians in their picture of the world. Therefore, they are ready to justify the genocide with any fakes, any lies, any arguments sucked from the finger, as Timofei Sergeytsev does in the article " What Russia Should Do with Ukraine" inititally publishered on the main state news resource of Russia, RIA Novosti.

In this article, a sort of Russian-flavoured "Mein Kampf", that would have been applauded by Hitler and Himmler, Sergeytsev calmly and matter-of-factly explains why Russia must exterminate millions of Ukrainians, why the name "Ukraine" must disappear, why the remaining Ukrainians must be placed in concentration camps for the "great idea of ​​Russia". Separately, it should be noted that Sergeytsev should be included in the lists of those who are directly responsible for the transformation of Russia into a Nazi state headed by Putin.

So. It took Ukrainians years and the shock of facing the Russian invasion directly to accept the reality and the challenge of war. Europe and the United States, which have not known a major war for more than 70 years, cannot yet accept this reality. It is difficult for a German to understand why he should pay twice as much for an apartment due to a distant war. The German has not yet understood that the war, where children and women are burned just like that, is directly related to him.

Because by justifying mass murder for the sake of their economic well-being, the Germans, French, Italians and other European nations are returning to the good old days of Adolf Hitler, when violence for the sake of great goals was justified and even desirable. Europeans painstakingly erased the horrors of World War II from their memory, because the trauma was so unbearable that it turned into folklore. Therefore, when everything that happened in Poland, Ukraine, France, Germany during the Second World War is happening right now in the center of Europe, the Europeans are closing in.

They find it hard to believe that this is possible in principle, when you have electricity, water, heating, predictability, social benefits and everything is planned for 30 years ahead. And the Europeans don’t get it in their head how you can just take it, come by tank to a peaceful city, shoot the first 2f0 people that come across, then catch 5 more women, rape them, then burn them, then go to a high-rise building, knock out the doors in the apartments with a sledgehammer, pick up valuable property, as well as frying pans, underpants, vibrators, for some reason, make shit a shit in the reception zone, while you can use any WC in opened apartments... It also did not fit in the minds of Europeans how millions of people could be taken and sent to the crematorium. Unfortunately, history repeats itself.

Therefore, no matter how painful it is for us, we must, we will have to unfold for the Europeans pictures of raped children, burned women, civilians killed in the back of the head, so that all the violence and obscurantism that Putin's Nazi regime generates would drop by drop penetrate into consciousness of the people of the West and they realized that Evil was knocking at their doors. It will surely break into them if ignored. It definitely will. Same as it broke into Ukraine, because the Ukrainians ignored all the formidable signs.

In Poland and the Baltic countries, they have already realized that they are simply preparing for a war that cannot be avoided. The massacres in Bucha, Irpin, Mariupol give us very powerful arguments why Putin is the Hitler of the 21st century. We must convey this idea from morning to evening through all channels of communication.

We must bring to Bucha and Irpin the Pope, deputies of Congress, European parliaments, muftis, show business stars. Let them look at the mass graves of Bucha and draw conclusions while there is still an opportunity. An alternative would be a mass grave of civilization, on which Putin's nuclear ashes will fall.