The expansion of the NATO bloc to the countries of the former USSR is a matter of life and death for Russia.

This was stated by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

“Over the past 2 decades, perhaps even more, they have methodically deceived us, and as a result of this deception we have come to a situation where our security is under threat. It is under the threat of the continuation of this very deception. Under the threat of NATO's military and political infrastructure towards our borders. And in this regard, of course, the expansion of NATO to countries such as Ukraine, certainly other countries that were on the territory of the Soviet Union," Peskov said in an interview with Russian propagandists on Friday.

He also recalled that the Kremlin is counting on a "quick solution" from the West.

"Of course, this is already a question, well, in fact, of life and death for us," said Peskov. According to Peskov, the delay "will absolutely not suit the Russian side, and will not suit President Putin .... The situation is that a solution is needed, a quick, concrete solution is needed, and a solution that will meet our interests."

The Kremlin hopes that successful tests of the latest Zircon hypersonic missiles will add credibility to Russian security initiatives.

"Let's hope the notes become more convincing this way," said Putin's spokesman.