Since February 24, Ukrainian cities in the north and east of Ukraine have been severely damaged. Photographs of destroyed houses, schools, hospitals, churches and administrative buildings, along with news, bring us sadness, grief and sorrow for thriving cities. Overcoming negative emotions and giving hope back to Ukrainians is the main goal of the open competition Re: Create UA.

The competition started in late March. During this time, artists, designers, architects and illustrators from around the world shared their vision of the future of Ukrainian cities. They have already sent more than a hundred of projects. But proposals continue to come not only from Ukraine, but also from Germany, Bulgaria, Portugal, the Netherlands, Moldova, Latvia and Israel. Some works have already been shared on the pages of the competition on social networks. Now the site has been updated, where all the works of the contestants will be presented. Also on the site you can filter works by region, if you are interested in restoring your homeland.

The competition has already aroused a lot of emotions and discussions: whether it is allowed to give free rein to creative imagination, despite the numerous architectural limitations and norms of urban planning. And now we can say with confidence that such a discussion, when Ukrainians think and shape their future, attitude to it, is absolutely up to date right now.

The organizers have extended the deadline for the competition, and now you can submit your vision of the restoration of Ukrainian cities until May 6. You can send your work on the competition website or to

In the near future, an expert jury, which will include artists and professional architects, will select and present their selection of the best projects. It will provide comments on the winning projects with recommendations on how to refine them. And then - the most difficult stage: from the idea of ​​the future to its implementation.

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