“If during the war, instead of spending 700,000 euros on your army, you spend 700,000 euros on remaking the old Soviet coat of arms on a huge monument into a trident, then as a result, a foreign army will come and remake the new trident into the old Soviet coat of arms for free". (c) Sergey Ivanov-Malyavin.

I read peppy reports about how the emblem of the USSR in the Motherland is about to be changed in Kyiv and my hair stands on end. It's all about the elementary lack of priorities. What does the state have, what does the business that sponsors such events have to promote. Everyone stupidly lacks the instinct of self-preservation.

Akhmetov in Mariupol has been painting a garden city since 2014, instead of building a fortified area. As a result, I ended up in a situation where your assets were squandered to zero. And this situation with the Motherland is a repetition of the situation with Mariupol. What conclusions did Akhmetov draw? He sells souvenirs from Azovstal steel, and traditionally lobbies his interests in the usual way.

Lord, invest this $700,000 in R&D to create and expand the production of your MANPADS. An officer told me the other day how they shoot from the old Stingers and Eagles when the rocket flies 50% to 50%. And near Bakhmut, MANPADS crews are dying, because missiles do not fly when the Su-34 flies up. Sooner or later, the problem will arise that this Su-34 will appear at the Motherland, where they changed the emblem of the USSR to a trident on the shield and built the second line of the Holodomor Museum for 574 million hryvnias (this is when the entire shameful exposition of the first is a couple of glecks, a broken cart and 24 or 25 books of victims of the Holodomor, broken down by regions), because the soldiers who could bring down these Su died near Orekhovo, Ugledar and Bakhmut.

As another veteran wrote to me at night, “the modern Ukrainian state is a tuned 412 Moskvich, which no longer drives, but the body continues to be tuned, like gypsies.” All local and central authorities are engaged in this tuning on the blood. Khmelnytsky Street in Kyiv, where the paving stones are being changed, is literally covered in the blood of the soldiers of the Kyiv brigades due to deductions from salaries to the budget. It is on this that today the authorities in Kyiv live, drawing interchanges for a hundred million and bridge crossings for 2 yards. Yes, with this money you can buy thousands, tens of thousands of FPV drones and destroy the entire front. And no one, neither the central government, nor Klitschko, nor Sadovoy, nor Filatov, or thousands of other mayors raise the elementary question: "Let's establish at the legislative level a moratorium on spending inappropriate with the survival of the state." Instead of this,

Everything is rotten. We run the risk of repeating the experience of Chechnya. When, after Khasavyurt 1996, Chechnya spent three years dancing with tambourines, and three years later Russia returned and cut everything. As the same veteran writes to me, “The movement of the orcs scares me. Now the first Chechen one has been repeated. And they've already started cleaning and tidying up. In a year they will start to fight for real. For the result. And the elevators, it seems to me, have already been launched for the commanders. And the production is being tightened according to the needs.”

This is an objective reality that the priests of the cargo cult of the Second Republic ignore, who for 32 years have not understood that the Holodomor is the result of organizational and mental impotence, which does not allow them to concentrate on priorities.

They write to me in a comment on Twitter that "maybe it's enough to hypertrophy, the trident is a symbol, and the war is in particular about symbols. $ 8 million for the re-laying of the road on Khreshchatyk could have waited. There are no symbols."

The Directory, when it captured Kyiv on December 14, 1918, focused on replacing signboards with the Ukrainian language. After 40 days, the Bolsheviks came to Kyiv, who focused on building an army and a military economy

In this situation, the Holodomor is a regularity, as a result of criminal, soulless, thieving inactivity, which opens the main road to a new and larger-scale Holodomor. The worst thing that is happening now is to hope for some other result while doing the same thing, repeating exactly the same stupid and idiotic mistakes. And society's readiness to forgive this, turn a blind eye to it, ignore the instinct of self-preservation, will inevitably lead to the triumph of cannibalism, which will be a prologue to the triumph of Russia. As a matter of fact, Russia's power over Ukraine has always been based on a strong base of local cannibals. The conclusions are self-evident.