Evgeny Prigozhin and Igor Girkin's public "mud pouring" of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is evidence of the Chekists' game, the purpose of which is to provoke the evil of controlled chaos on the territory of the northern empire, aimed at cleaning up the elites and law enforcement agencies from disloyal elements to forces of terrorist control over Putin and establishing complete control bloody Russia.

It is very remarkable that neither Prigozhin nor Girkin, who constantly humiliate Russian generals, never spoke negatively about the Chekists who were planning a failed special operation for bloody Russia. Virtually all Russian "turbopatriots" are playing by the rules of the Chekist corporation, which plans to use them during security-controlled turmoil after the successful Ukrainian counter-offensive.

The main goal of the turmoil controlled by the Chekists will be the introduction of martial law in the Russian Federation under the pressure of the turbopatriots, due to which the security forces will receive a tool for total control over Russian society, which entails the strengthening of the Putin terrorist regime. Now turbopatriots are needed by the KGB corporations to intimidate adequate representatives of the Russian elite, who could in the future make compromises with Ukraine and the West.

It is also important to understand that not a single group of influence in the Russian Federation is considering a forceful scenario to remove Putin from power, since for them he is a guarantor of their stability and security. Representatives of the Russian elite do not trust each other because of the constant conflicts between them, besides, they are well aware that no group of influence will be able to stay in power for a long time on its own.

Even in the FSB, there are three groups of influence that are constantly in conflict with each other, so the unification for the removal of the Kremlin Fuhrer by the Russian elite, who thinks not about the future of Russia, but about preserving the illegally obtained state, is impossible for this period.

Only Patrushev and his group of influence now have the ability and resources to remove Putin from power, but they are well aware that the forceful seizure of power destabilizes the Putin regime, which they are interested in preserving, therefore Patrushev and the security forces who are guided by him are interested in legally coming to power their representative.

According to the Russian Nazi Sergei Glazyev, the security forces from the Patrushev influence group are interested in appointing the son of the secretary of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Patrushev, as the new Prime Minister of the Russian Federation instead of Mishustin, whom, according to his father’s plan, Putin will make his successor in the future, which is the main goal of the Chekists, who provoke unrest under their control.

From the point of view of Russian pro-government economists, a large-scale economic crisis awaits the Nazi Russian Federation as early as 2024, so the introduction of martial law is critically necessary for the Chekists to strengthen control over society and the Russian elite. Although now the Russian Federation does not have the prerequisites for a revolution, since the Russians live a completely atomized life, caring only about their own survival.

During the existence of Putin's terrorist regime, there has been a disunity of Russians, especially in the Russian provinces, where there is great poverty of the population, so even the relatives of the dead Russian military rejoice at monetary compensation from the state and the opportunity to buy high-quality expensive products, which for the first time in their lives they were able to consume.

The Russian security forces are well aware that everything is being decided not in the backward Russian province, but in Moscow, whose residents have not yet felt the consequences of Western sanctions and the military adventure of the international terrorist Putin. In crowded nightclubs and restaurants in Moscow, its inhabitants, who continue to live a Western bourgeois life, discuss not the terrible military aggression of bloody Russia against Ukraine, but their holidays in the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Goa and Bali, so that until now the Kremlin manages to secure the capitals northern evil empire.

The participation of Russian war criminals in local elections also deserves special attention, in fact, the Kremlin, turning Russians into accomplices in their own crimes, seeks to strengthen Putin's mafia regime through the political activities of the military from the Russian Federation who fought against Ukraine. So, one can already imagine what the future will be like for Nazi Russia after the Russian military, who massively killed civilians in Ukraine and destroyed Ukrainian cities, will become deputies of the State Duma and the Federation Council in the future.

Therefore, all Western experts and politicians from the countries of the Global South who propose to freeze the conflict on the territory of our country, which entails the preservation of the Putin regime and even more powerful aggression against Russia over several years against Ukraine, are accomplices in the crimes of the Kremlin Fuhrer.

The Chinese statements about respect for national sovereignty are absolutely worthless, because the Chinese leadership, knowing about the preparation of the Russian military for aggression, did not stop Putin from carrying out a bloody adventure, hoping that the imminent defeat of Ukraine would convince the Taiwanese elite to "peacefully reunite" Taiwan with China.

Chinese experts are confident that Russia's military defeat will also become a geopolitical defeat for the Celestial Empire, so American politicians and experts who propose to freeze the conflict on the territory of our country play along not only with the international criminal Putin, but also with China, which is the main geopolitical competitor for the United States .

The West has a much larger resource base than Russia, so in a war of attrition, the northern empire of evil has no chance of defeating Ukraine and its Western partners, unless, of course, Western politicians go for a new "Munich plot", which will have disastrous consequences for civilized world.

The fact that bloody Russia is doomed to decline because of its anti-Western policy and Putin's military adventure is well understood by many FSB and SVR employees who are not interested in turning their country into an "Orthodox Iran" isolated from the civilized world, and besides, they do not want to strengthen the group the influence of Patrushev, who plans to carry out mass repressions.

Adequate Russian security officials are also aware of the critical need to end Russia's war against Ukraine, which, they believe, will allow for a re-establishment of relations between Russia and the West. The biggest problem is that these security forces want to keep Ukrainian Crimea and parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions occupied by the northern evil empire in 2014 under Russian control, in fact, they seek to revive the version of Putinism that existed before the annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

Without the de-occupation of the Ukrainian Crimea and Donetsk and Luhansk, there will never be a real de-imperialization of Russia, and this should finally be understood by the Russian opposition in the West. If they are really interested in the democratization of Russia, which is possible only after its military defeat, then the Russian opposition is obliged to demand from Western politicians an increase in military assistance to Ukraine and strengthening anti-Russian sanctions, especially secondary ones against Western companies that violate the sanctions regime.

Russian pro-government military experts believe that Ukraine has every chance of regaining control of all territories occupied by Russia as early as 2024, so those Russians who understand that a military defeat of the northern evil empire will save the Russian Federation from dictatorship and decline should work for victory Ukraine, so glory to the heroic Armed Forces of Ukraine!