When we lived in Bucha, every summer morning, with a cool stream of air, the cries of roosters and the barking of dogs broke in, and in the evenings we fell asleep to the chirping of crickets. Every day we walked in the park and it became an integral part of our life. At least an hour, or even two, I had the luxury of being alone with thoughts and nature. We all knew each other there and enjoyed the closeness of contacts, which is not available in the metropolis, although we were part of it.

That's it - everything is at arm's length, the opportunity to drink coffee with the mayor on a morning run, to come to a cafe as if it were your home, to lie on the sofas or on the grass near F1 (popular cafe in Bucha - ed.), drinking fresh juice under the trees in the park, the opportunity to leave Aelita to the neighbor's grandmother or sending her by taxi to school with a taxi driver who came to us dozens of times made life in Bucha extremely warm.

All this was destroyed at once because of the insane people, obsessed with stupid primitive slogans like “we can repeat”, “you do not exist”, “the West is to blame for everything”. These barbarians have pinned themselves, not exactly understanding what they are doing here. They shit in our entrance and wiped their asses with children's clothes that they found in the apartments. They shot the unfortunate people who could not change their habits and drove along the familiar streets in search of medicines and food for themselves and their loved ones.

And now, driving along the streets of Bucha, every time you think: “Here is the corner of Vokzalnaya and Yablunskaya, here was a man in a blue jacket on a bicycle near a coil of torn wires, and further on, at the intersection of Vodoprovodnaya and Yablunskaya, there were two shot cars. And here Julia and Ivanka dragged the dying Sasha to the hospital in a sheet. And the church near which we lived became a cemetery.”

And now, reading the cries of good Russians in Europe like “why us?”, “Putin is an usurper, and the people are not to blame”, I want to say that we (Ukrainians) have a very, I emphasize, a very clear understanding that you are to blame collectively. When you get together, you behave like a destructive herd, destroying everything in its path. Individually such nice people, but together you are just a crazy horde. And you are like mercury, if you are given the opportunity to get together, you start spoiling everything around.

That is why this moment has come - civilization is tired of sorting out the varieties of shit that Russia produces. That's why they start hiding from you. Of course, you, like cockroaches, will climb into different cracks, but this will be a temporary measure. Modern Russia is that stupid girl with pigtails who ran around Vienna mocking Ukrainian women, screaming about Kherson, and then the next day was very upset being kicked off from her Booking.com accomodation.

Therefore, closing access to civilization, the world sends through the “bloody ladies” (social media nickname of Russian public figure Ksenia Sobchak) and other good Russians all over the world a single message - get lost with your usurpers and problems, it's your problem. We don't feel sorry for you.