The law on raising taxes in Ukraine came into force on January 1, 2022 (scandalous bill 5600). This applies to both enterprises and citizens of Ukraine.

The text of the document is published on the parliament's website.

Almost every citizen of Ukraine will feel the negative effects of the increase in tax pressure, and low-income families and retirees will suffer the most, as they will have to pay much more for agricultural products and food.

Because, the law actually introduces a new land tax - the minimum tax liability for land. If the land valuation is the standard for Ukraine 28 thousand hryvnias per hectare, the minimum obligation for each farmer will be 1.5 thousand hryvnias per hectare!

There is also an 18% tax on income from the sale of own agricultural products from homesteads (vegetables) in excess of 12 times the minimum wage.

In addition, there is a reduction in the minimum land area of ​​the farm, which gives the right to move to a simplified system of taxation - from 2 hectares to 0.5 hectares.

The law excludes from the 4th group of the single taxpayers, those whose main activity is breeding poultry (except chickens).

According to the law, the income received from the sale of the second real estate during the year is taxed at a rate of 5%, the third and subsequent real estate - at a rate of 18%.

The law prohibits the departure of the heads of the debtor legal entity abroad. The law also provides for the establishment of restrictions on the right of departure of heads of legal entities or permanent establishments of non-resident debtors outside Ukraine in case of non-compliance with tax obligations.

The law also increases the rates of environmental tax, rent for subsoil use, excise duties on alcohol in alcoholic beverages, the actual strength of which exceeds 22 percent by volume of ethyl alcohol, increased by 5% to 133.31 hryvnia per 1 liter of 100 percent alcohol.

According to the plans of the Government, the operation of this law will allow in 2022 to take from the pockets of Ukrainians an additional 30 billion hryvnia taxes.