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Even if we leave out the risks of Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant and short-term problems due to flooding / erosion.

The destruction of the Kakhovka HPP by Russian war criminals will provoke long-term problems in the form of ... climate change.

In our media, it is lost that the Kakhovka reservoir feeds not only the North Crimean, but also the Kakhovka main canal.
If you look at the map of the canal network, you can see that two-thirds of the Kherson region (under 400 thousand hectares) and a quarter-third of the Zaporizhzhia region risk being left without irrigated fields (for example, the Azov irrigation system in the Melitopol district - almost 97 thousand hectares).

These are huge areas and valuable lands. Feed millions of people.

The disappearance of waterways will inevitably lead not only to a change in cultures, but also to the formation of a more arid climate.

This directly applies to the Crimea.

This is where sane environmentalists would turn on and explain to the ignorant that Russian aggression is a horror for the environment and at least regional risks. From the point of view of food security - global.

Although I am convinced that appeals “to both sides of the conflict” will soon begin ...

Today I conveyed a simple meaning to a couple of foreign colleagues, so that they carry it to the masses.

Ukrainians lived on this land, cultivated it and planned to live on. In the south of the Kherson region, combines were like spaceships, Maybachs among combines (the Russians stole them first of all). In Ukraine, it would never occur to anyone to harm all this. Moreover, to create long-term existential risks. Even in a nightmare, even theoretically.

But among the Russians - easily. And because of the bestial attitude to foreign land. And - as an option - in order to strategically harm before fleeing. To buy food in the Krasnodar and Stavropol (from where, by the way, the 205th motorized rifle brigade suspected of this war crime) regions.

The creation of long-term risks and an absolutely disregard for the future of the territory is another clear proof that the Russians are not “liberators”, but invaders on our land.

The Kremlin regime, which deliberately deprives millions of people of food, must not only be punished, but destroyed. There is simply no other rational explanation.